Hibachi Meal Entrees All of our beef is USDA choice aged to perfection and handcut. Served with Hibachi vegetables and chicken fried rice.

Hibachi Chicken
Chicken breast grilled with garlic butter and sesame seeds. – 15.99

Teriyaki Chicken
Grilled chicken served with homemade teriyaki sauce and scallions – 16.99

Sweet and Spicy Chicken
Grilled chicken served with chef’s spicy sauce and scallions – 16.99

Akison Shrimp
Garlic and lemon sautéed large Hibachi shrimps – 18.99

Hibachi Scallops
Hibachi style tender seared sea scallops – 18.99

Seafood Trio
Combination of cold water lobster, shrimp and sea scallops – 24.99

Tuna Steak
Fine sliced Tuna steak served with broccoli, tomatoes and scallions – 16.99

Churrasco Steak
Tender seasoned Churrasco steak sautéed with garlic butter and soy sauce. – 16.99

Filet Mignon
Hibachi style filet mignon cooked to your perfection – 18.99

Yakisoba Bowl
Yakisoba Noodles served with vegetables and yak sauce; with a choice of :

Chicken Yakisoba
Chicken Yakisoba

Chicken – 15.99
Shrimp – 16.99
Steak – 16.99

Create Your Combination
Select any 2 of your choices below to receive the meal you crave for Hibachi Style
Shrimp, Scallops, Churrasco, Chicken, Yakisoba – 18.99