Hibachi Meal Entrees All of our beef is USDA choice aged to perfection and handcut. Served with Hibachi vegetables and fried rice.

Hibachi Chicken
Chicken breast grilled with garlic butter. – 16.99

Teriyaki Chicken
Grilled chicken served with homemade teriyaki sauce and scallions – 17.99

Sweet and Spicy Chicken
Grilled chicken served with chef’s spicy sauce and scallions – 17.99

Akison Shrimp
Hibachi shrimp sautéed with garlic butter and lemon – 18.99

Hibachi Scallops
Hibachi style tender seared sea scallops – 18.99

Seafood Trio
Combination of lobster, shrimp and sea scallops – 25.99

Tuna Steak
Fine sliced Tuna steak served with avocado, tomatoes and scallions – 19.99

Churrasco Steak
Tender seasoned Churrasco steak sautéed with garlic butter and soy sauce. – 18.99

Filet Mignon
Hibachi style filet mignon cooked to your perfection – 20.99

Yakisoba Bowl
Yakisoba Noodles served with vegetables and yak sauce, served with a choice of :

Chicken Yakisoba
Chicken Yakisoba

Chicken – 17.99
Shrimp – 19.99
Steak – 18.99

Create Your Combination
Select any 2 of your choices below to receive the meal you crave for : 20.99
Shrimp, Scallops, Churrasco, Chicken